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The Health Benefits of Alfalfa

The alfalfa plant is an herb many may be familiar with as sprouts commonly used in salads or on a sandwich. What may be less commonly known is that the alfalfa plant’s value goes far beyond that of a simple snack. Alfalfa contains an unbelievably vast amount of essential nutrients, and is labeled a superfood by many. A few of the known alfalfa benefits include:

• Improved Cholesterol Levels

• Better Digestion

• Joint Pain Relief

With an unrivaled claim of nutritional benefits, these abilities only hint at the true health potential that alfalfa offers.

Regulates Cholesterol Levels

Out of the many constituents found in alfalfa, there are numerous elements that offer the ability to regulate levels of LDL cholesterol. Alfalfa is known to contain a group of chemicals known as phytosterols, the sterol compounds formed in plants, and a counter to cholesterols, which come from animals. Phytosterols have demonstrated the ability to eliminate LDL cholesterol in numerous studies. Alfalfa also contains a B vitamin called niacin, which also has cholesterol reducing abilities. Finally, alfalfa holds numerous saponins, known to be particularly effective at managing cholesterol levels. Saponins bind to cholesterol and prevent them from being absorbed into the system, eliminating them from the body before they can even become a problem.

Boosts Digestion

Alfalfa’s ability to improve digestion and nutrient absorption is nothing short of remarkable. Alfalfa offers a total of eight digestive enzymes, which can help to break down all forms of proteins, starches, sugars and fats between them. Alfalfa is even more effective due to its numerous vitamins, minerals, alkaloids and amino acids. These help to not only nourish the body, but many of these constituents improve the body’s ability to utilize its available nutrients overall. This allows the body to process nutrients more effectively, improving not only its digestion, but its metabolism as well, and overall health in consequence.

Alleviates Joint Ache

Alfalfa demonstrates great effectiveness against joint pain of many types. Many of its ingredients are capable of reducing inflammation, a common cause of joint pain. Alfalfa can also help to prevent the onset of gout by neutralizing uric acid before it is able to crystallize in the joint. Many of alfalfa’s nutrients also help to restore damaged joint tissue, shortening the recovery time and strengthening the muscles.

The alfalfa plant originates in the Appalachian mountains, where its unique structure gives it an advantage against other plant life. Alfalfa’s roots grow deeper than almost any plant of its size, stretching nearly fifty feet deep into the earth. This allows it to accumulate nutrients from the soil that many other plants do not encounter. This provides it with a nutritional content unparalleled by other plants, with many of its constituents being essential to our health. Just a few of its constituents include vitamin D, vitamin B6, magnesium, iron and phosphorous. Alfalfa’s impressive array of benefits may be taken in a number of ways. Alfalfa sprouts are a common food ingredient, but the leaves and seeds of the adult plants may also be consumed. Alfalfa is also available as a tea or an herbal supplement. To ensure that you are receiving an even sampling of alfalfa’s benefits, the herbal supplements may prove most convenient. If you are interested in trying them for yourself, you may buy alfalfa supplements from your local health foods store, in the herbal supplements department. Alternatively, these supplements may be conveniently purchased from several online retailers. When choosing to make an online purchase, it is important to choose a reputable company you can trust. This is the reason we recommend Vitality Herbs for your herbal supplements. Vitality Herbs goes to great lengths to offer you high quality herbs at prices you can afford. All of their herbs are grown in the U.S. and are strictly organic. This means they have never been in contact with any herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers, and that they are prepared without the addition of any artificial sweeteners or additives. By choosing organic, you are guaranteed to receive only pure, unaltered herbs without any unnecessary risks to your health. We hope this article has helped to inform you of the many alfalfa benefits. If you still have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.